Power Rankings

Rank Wing Spot Comments
1 ATL Wings Holding it down for the South almost single-handedly, ATL Wings takes pride in cooking a great wing and making a flavorful sauce. Also, Kool-Aid.
2 The Reef Dark and dank and fighting a bad rep for hooliganism, this wing joint formerly known as Draft House on the Reef blew our socks off with their huge, spicy, quality wings.
3 JT’s Bar & Grill The neighborhood bar you wish you had around the corner. Fried-then-sauced-then-grilled-then-sauced again to perfection.
4 Angie & Jimmy’s Italian Pizza Amazing in its simplicity and stunning in its artful mastery of the complete lack of ambiance. Just the perfectly natural wing.
5 NYPD Pizza You don’t expect pizza joints to have wings this massive or this well-cooked. NYPD does.
6 Teakwoods The Phoenix-area mainstay that replaced Long Wongs. Few match their consistency or their suicide heat.
7 Rosie McCaffrey’s Irish pub in the heart of Phoenix with a shockingly good and unique hot wing.
8 The Vine Another local legend sports bar with maybe the best-tasting hot sauce in the city that offsets their tiny wings. Go on Thursdays for Stein Night.
9 Buffalo Brown’s Wings & Things Shithole dive joint with a special blend of flavors for their sauces that isn’t afraid to bring the heat, or the sauce.
10 Cogburn’s Big Wings New kid on the block with huge wings & great tasting suicide sauce that is hit-or-miss on heat.
11 Zipps Burgers & Billiards A local chain of sports bars that do wings the right way, for a great value, every time.
12 Long Wong’s The legend of all local legends, since franchised, that is hit-or-miss on how well the wing is cooked but has a variety of sauces.
13 Rehab Burger Therapy A burger joint by trade (a damn good one too) Rehab doesn’t just think of wings as an afterthought, and their Pig Wings are STUPID good…but they’re not wings).
14 Venezia’s Pizzeria Maybe the best place in the city to get a slice of pizza, you won’t be mad for ordering the wings as well. Not their specialty, but effective anyway.
15 Casey Moore’s Oyster House You’re coming here for atmosphere and beer so you’d be forgiven for overlooking these surprisingly solid pub wings. Piss in the Blarney Stone.
16 CK’s Tavern An Ahwatukee favorite with solid wings and a good happy hour vibe.
17 Arcadia Tavern Our most debated spot. Sports bar next door to JTs that grills their wings too…but not nearly as well as their neighbor.
18 Native New Yorker 2012’s Wingstock King of Wings (somehow), they’re breaded and small-ish but often decent enough to do the trick.
19 Half Moon A former New Times Best Of winner for their wings, we were left scratching our head at the sub-par cooking and plain-jane sauces.
20 Casey Jones Pub & Grill North Phoenix joint that we wouldn’t go out of our way to eat again at, but if you’re there and hungry, they’re edible.
21 Rino D’s Pizza & Wings Honestly maybe the best delivery wings we’ve ever had, but delivery can’t stand up to fresh unfortunately. Not by a long shot.
22 Flancer’s Cafe The absolute worst wings we’ve ever had. Avoid like the plague. Or, if forced there, commit suicide instead.


1 NY Boyz Subz N Wingz The undisputed king. Few have come close, none have done better than the mighty NY Boyz. And don’t even try that suicide. Sadly, they have been closed a long time now with little hope of a return.
2 Mister G’s Pizzeria A now-closed restaurant, Mister G’s was our first foray into wing reviewing and is still better than some of the joints we tasted, even closed.