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Holy shit, nobody wrote this thing yet?

It turns out we were at the Huss Brewing Company opening just shy of a year ago and we still haven’t written about it. To be fair, you try writing DOZENS of words in row in one sitting.

Why did it take us this long to write about it? Well, I have prepared a list of potential excuses: Xavvi thought I wrote it, I thought Xavvi wrote it; we were distracted by The Decision 2 starring Lebron James and Rich Paul as a dick; I had to coax Xavvi out of his despair after he watched the Robocop remake; we were nervous about Stone Brewing Co. having to evacuate and Lost Abbey closing its tasting room because of a fire; my wife and I had a new baby that keeps us up nights screaming (hey, that one is legit!).

If any of those excuses sound valid to you, go with it. Otherwise, the reason we didn’t post this (or anything) for so long is because we are fat, lazy fucks. Okay, I said it. You happy now? Jerks.

Moving on.

Huss Brewing Company opened in August 2013. We thought we would check it out after work. The venue surprised me as I pulled up. The tasting room was in what looked to be an old industrial complex. It looked like the kind of place you might expect to find a machine shop making phase converters or a shady window tinting company.

Huss Brewing took over a spot once housing Rio Salado Brewing. Rio Salado Brewing is no longer in business. I guess Huss Brewing was confident enough in what they were doing that they didn’t consider that a bad omen. Turns out they had a good reason for such confidence.

Huss Brewing Company is the labor of love for beer veterans Jeff and Leah Huss. This husband and wife team had pretty impressive beer credentials before starting their own brewing company. Jeff, a graduate of the Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago (it’s a famous brewing school), used to be head brewer for BJ’s Brewery in Chandler. Leah was a managing partner at Papago Brewing in Scottsdale. In addition to brewing their own beers Huss Brewing Company was going to be brewing up a few of those famous Papago beers for them as well. The Huss Brewing Company was their first foray on their own in the world of commercial beer brewing.

Huss Brewing Company tasting room interior

Orange is kind of their thing

The interior of the tasting room matched the outside’s industrial look. They weren’t looking to win any hipster decorating contests. That was fine by us.

They were not yet serving any of their own beers on opening night. Instead they had a variety of other beers on tap including local favorites and other popular craft beers. There were twenty on tap in total including the much coveted Heroes 19 beer I’d been wanting to try. They, of course, ran out of that one before I got there as was typical of my experience trying to get it.

Missing out on Heroes 19 wasn’t much of an issue because they still had plenty of beers I liked. I ordered up a glass of Papago’s Orange Blossom and met Xavvi at the back of the room where he snagged a table for us. We were lucky he got there early because they packed that little tasting room.

A lot of people came out to support the Jeff and Leah Huss. I think that spoke well to their reputation in the beer community.

Huss Brewing Company beer in mason jars

Just like back on the farm

They served the beers in mason jars decorated with the Huss Brewing logo and the phrase ‘Brewed with Love and Passion’. I think the slogan fits the vibe I get from the place.

We hung around and had a couple more beers each. The owners were around the whole time we were there. They were friendly and helpful. They were always available when we needed a refill. Overall, I enjoyed the whole experience.

We have tried several Huss Brewing beers here and there since this opening and I am happy to report I was not disappointed. In fact, I just had the That’ll Do! It IPA last night. It was very good. [NOTE:  The Rice Pudding Porter, a seasonal one that is exactly what it sounds like, is stellar and I’m in love with it.  I’m wishing for the cold (well…relative to Phoenix) just so I can have it again]

Nice to add another quality brewery to the list in Phoenix.

Xavvi’s Response

I can tell you just how much I like this place with one anecdote:  one slow and dreary winter night, my wife and I went in to Huss Brewing and there were only 2 other customers in there.  The bartender’s cousin was one of those people, and over the course of a couple of beers we got to hear about the bartender’s choices for where to spend New Years Eve, how her roommate banged a friend that this cousin wanted to invite, how much of a hipster the cousin was, why he hated everyone, and then in a final fun comment, the cousin (a male) told my wife she looked like she had Downs Syndrome.

I grabbed an empty mason jar with the full intent to smash it in his face before the 4th and final customer at the bar, who looked like a former meth head but was pretty nice, grabbed my arm and told me it wasn’t worth it, and then my wife cussed him out, spat at him, I threatened him and we left.

After that sour experience, I STILL choose to drink Huss Beer and visit there, because it’s a good beer place by good beer people for good beer people (douchey hipster cousins not withstanding, and if I see him again I’ll cancel his fucking contract on the spot – BE WARNED!  RAWR!!!).


Huss Brewing Company

1520 W Mineral Rd
Tempe, AZ 85283

(480) 264-7611

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