The Burn Unit, or “Can’t Stand The Heat?/!”

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Pictured:  Me, just after leaving Flancer's.

Pictured: Me, just after leaving Flancer’s.

I have a confession to make.  It’s not an easy one and I’ve wrestled with it for the entirety of this website’s existence, but I feel like if I’m ever going to be able to move on with my life I just have to face it head-on.  Here goes:


I can only eat the super-hot wings if I douse them in enough ranch to fill up a kiddie-sized (or Danny DeVito-sized) swimming pool.


It’s an earth-shattering revelation for someone as revered in the hot wing community as myself [Editor’s Note:  There isn’t a hot wing community.  He’s a dick.].  Reviewing hot wings means you have to be able to handle something beyond mild, and that’s not a problem for me.  I know a lot of people out there give us crap for always wanting to push the heat limit because they don’t quite have the same tolerance we do, and I totally get it; not everyone is a heat-freak.  It’s fine and I’ve said so before, but now that you know I can only ever reach the upper-echelon heat with assistance from Mister Buttermilk and the Dairy-Doos (it’s a real band, look them up) [Editor’s Note:  It’s not a real band, don’t waste your time.  He’s a dick.] how can you ever take me seriously?


The Frank’s RedHot “Get Franked” Bus Tour

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The Frank’s RedHot "Get Franked" Bus Tour

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We recently got an email from the folks that make Frank’s RedHot (or at least the people they hired to contact obviously important writers such as ourselves) about an Frank’s RedHot event, The Frank’s RedHot “Get Franked” Bus Tour.

Now, if you have been reading this site for any amount of time, or if you just realized it is a hot wing site and came to the common sense conclusion, you would realize we are pretty huge fans of Frank’s. After all, Frank’s RedHot is the THE definitive hot wing sauce. We’ve enjoyed lots of other good sauces over time but Frank’s is the original and has been around literally since the beginning of wings.

So, when they approached us to help promote their upcoming event we were happy to oblige. Thanks for the sauce, Frank’s!

Here are the details:


The Frank’s RedHot “Get #Franked” Bus Tour—check out this full-fledged interactive venue jam-packed with exciting things to do:

  • Participate in interactive games
  • Win awesome Frank’s RedHot prizes
  • Taste delicious “RedHot” food and game day snacks
  • Sample Frank’s RedHot’s great flavors—Original, Sweet Chili, Buffalo & Xtra Hot


Meet our Frank’s RedHot ambassadors who will keep the party hopping with games, contests and RedHot giveaways!


Tuesday, March 5th at 1:05 PM
Oakland A’s vs. World Baseball Classic
Phoenix Municipal Stadium
5999 East Van Buren St.
Phoenix, AZ 85008

Wednesday, March 6th at 1:00 PM
LA Dodger’s vs. Mexico
Camelback Ranch
5999 East Van Buren St.
Phoenix, AZ 85008


Hope to see you all there!

Super Bowl XLVII

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Hope everyone is having a good time watching the Super Bowl this weekend. Preferably, while eating lots of wings and drinking lots of beer. I am sure nobody is having a better time than than whoever stole $65,000 worth of chicken wings. That must be one hell of a Super Bowl party.

Anyway, I want to leave you with this image that Barros shared on Twitter:

Super Bowl Feast

Super Bowl Feast – gluttony at its best