We’re Back!

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If you don't get the reference...let's face it, no one got that reference.

If you don’t get the reference…let’s face it, no one got that reference.


We’re finally back from hiatus!  Oh, PS, we were on hiatus.  Did we forget to tell you?  Did you care?  You know you didn’t care.

Anyway, it’s December, we’re two family-oriented jerks, so things get hectic.  But we’re back and ready to put up some new reviews.  This week we’ll be touching on the Phoenix Brewer’s Invitational, an event that happened in Heritage Square a couple of weekends ago, and then we’ll be turning back to a wing review of Keegan’s Bar and Grill.

Let us know if you have any beer or wing recommendations, we’re ready to get back into the swing of things!

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