Phoenix Invitational Brewers Festival 2012

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You poor baby, you’re bone dry. Let’s get some life-liquid in you.

We’re beer snobs…err…reviewers now, right?  And as beer house reviewers, if there’s a festival that has 61 breweries participating in an outdoor event on a warm and sunny December day in downtown Phoenix, well I suppose it’s just our awful and terrible duty to find a way to cover it, right?  Right.  Right as shit.

The Phoenix Invitational Brewers Festival (PHX BrewFest) took place on December 7th and 8th in Heritage Square in Phoenix.  Organized by Greg Fretz of the Phoenix Ale Brewery (and namesake of Fretzy’s Unfiltered Ale), it was a weekend scheduled specifically for craft brew enthusiasts. We wanted to check out both Friday and Saturday but we had a rather large prior engagement to attend to on Friday.  As well, Tyler was extremely under the weather basically since the last time the Cardinals won a game so it was up to me to suffer through this terrible task of drinking delicious beer on a gorgeous day.

Being relatively unprepared for this event (we honestly didn’t even plan to cover it until the very last minute), the pictures and notes I have are mostly scattered and as you can imagine would be the case with a beer festival, the later the day got, the more scattered my thoughts got.


We’re Back!

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If you don't get the reference...let's face it, no one got that reference.

If you don’t get the reference…let’s face it, no one got that reference.


We’re finally back from hiatus!  Oh, PS, we were on hiatus.  Did we forget to tell you?  Did you care?  You know you didn’t care.

Anyway, it’s December, we’re two family-oriented jerks, so things get hectic.  But we’re back and ready to put up some new reviews.  This week we’ll be touching on the Phoenix Brewer’s Invitational, an event that happened in Heritage Square a couple of weekends ago, and then we’ll be turning back to a wing review of Keegan’s Bar and Grill.

Let us know if you have any beer or wing recommendations, we’re ready to get back into the swing of things!