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To a de-luxe brewery in the skyy-yyyyyy!

It’s been a little over a year since Xavvi and I visited our first hot wing joint together, Mister G’s Pizzeria (so what if the review didn’t go up until a little over two months later, shut up). When Xavvi suggested the idea that we start up a blog and write about weekly hot wing related adventures I was immediately on board, ignoring the fact that two fat guys writing about their favorite – and least favorite – hot wing places wasn’t exactly the quickest road to fame and fortune.

But here we are, over a year later and we are still putting up reviews each week. In fact we are doing it with far more consistency than when we first started out. Still, there is only so much you can say about hot wings from week to week without sounding somewhat monotonous. We’ve mixed in some other things besides just straight wing joint reviews from time to time – like our take on boneless wings and our recent foray into the vast Buffalo-wing-inspired-soup review market – but other than those brief departures we have pretty much stuck with our original focus: hot wing place reviews.

We’ve had several people wonder when we were going to branch out, a suggestion that we took but never got around to. Well, we finally talked it over and decided it was time to try some other things. Over the next couple of weeks we will officially be expanding the scope of the blog to include more than just our wing nights.

So we’ll just be setting up our cots right there, please run a line directly to our veins.

We are starting off our more-than-wings adventures by covering local breweries and ale houses. This seemed like a natural evolution for the blog considering we go out drinking after getting wings most nights anyway. Plus, there is plenty of good local and craft beer out there to experience and we want to make the most of it. If our livers weren’t in trouble before they will be now. Plus, we are bound to become unbearable beer snobs now.

To kick things off, we will be reviewing Four Peaks Brewery, the most famous of the local breweries, in the next couple of weeks (hopefully) in a two part review covering both their hot wings, which come highly recommended,  and their beer. We thought that would be a good way to ease into this transition so we aren’t just leaving the wings out of it entirely.

Over time we will probably start expanding into other categories that seem to fit our style like pizza or local dive Mexican food places. We will probably eventually get around to a website redesign and be messing around with how we are organizing all of the content. There may be some growing pains here and there but for the most part we think this will only improve the blog.

Most importantly, the hot wings won’t be going anywhere. We aren’t just abondoning our roots here. We will continue to seek out those obscure hot wing joints and let you know how they hold up in addition to covering some new ground. We love hot wings too much to really give them up.

So, check in next week and the week after to see what new is in store for Why Did I Eat This?

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