Rehab Burger Therapy

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Rehab Burger Therapy

Through that door lies…glory!

We heard a lot about Rehab Burger Therapy. It didn’t take long after they opened for people to start talking about it. They had a reputation for excellent burgers and people couldn’t shut up about something on the menu called Pig Wings. When we heard that they were also owned by the same people who owned Oregano’s – another place on our list and a very popular local chain – we immediately had our expectation of great service and good food.

We decided to cheat and picked it for our next hot wing outing – instead of waiting for it to come up with the random thing picker we usually use – so we could see what the big deal is.

We met up at Rehab after work. As soon as I got out of my car I could smell the scent of burgers surrounding the place. It permeated the whole parking lot. It smelled incredible. I was excited to get inside and see this place for myself.


The Reef / Draft House on the Reef

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draft house exterior

It’s quite ugly, until the gaudy neon outside lights up and makes it…still ugly.
Credit (seriously)

UPDATE:  Draft House on the Reef has now changed their name to just “The Reef”.  Good call.

If I made up my own religion, wings would be the holy food.  In lieu of a sabbath, we’d have the Sauce-bath as a day of reverence to worship the mighty buffalo wing and praise it for all it has bestowed upon us.  The mighty chicken wing delivers us from anorexia, crisp from the oils of heaven and bathed in a sauce with the heat of hell itself to remind us of our sins as we eat of the body of Chicken-Christ our savor…err, savior.

Yes, if I started my own religion, buffalo wings would be the meatsiah, and the Draft House on the Reef may well be the rock upon which I build my church.

Draft House on the Reef had long been on our list of places to eat wings.  So long, in fact, that we had it on the list before the “on the Reef” part existed.  Back then it was just Draft House, and was known for its clientele, a mixture of chunky skanks wearing clothes three sizes too small for themselves and guys trying to gangbang (while reppin’ Chandler), and it was apparently an awful cacophony of underboob-cheese smell and Cool Water cologne.  This all culminated in someone getting shot a couple of years back, which is sad but not unexpected when people who try too hard to act too hard get shot down too hard by women (that also try too hard) and thus have no chance to use their hard-ons, get hard feelings, do something hard-headed and end up doing hard time.


Casey Moore’s Oyster House

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Casey Moore's Oyster House

Photo credit: Yelp

Xavvi and I first met when we were in the same training class at work. The training class lasted six weeks and the very last day happened to be on our company’s holiday party. We were working that night so we missed most of the party but a bunch of us wanted to do something to celebrate our last day of training anyway and decided to meet up at Casey Moore’s Oyster House instead. I actually swung by the holiday party anyway to snag a couple drinks with my free drink tickets (my wife let me have her drink tickets too) and then we were on our way to the bar.

I don’t ever remember going to Casey Moore’s before that night. I was always aware of it and it seems odd to me that I had never been there since I had hung out in that area many times before.  If I had ever been to Casey Moore’s before that night, I don’t have any memory of it. Really, given how things can go at Casey Moore’s I suppose it is entirely possible that I just don’t remember a previous visit.

That last night of training was a great introduction to the place. We drank a LOT of drinks and generally made fools of ourselves. Eventually my wife had had enough and we headed home with me puking out the window of the car the whole way, presumably. It was a damn fun night though and I have liked the place a lot ever since.


ATL Wings

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ATL Wings exterior

I assume the “ATL” stands for “Peace up, A-Town…Lown”


Have you ever turned on one of those techno or dubstep stations on Pandora, listened for a while, and then stopped paying attention until an hour later when it finally dawned on you that it wasn’t actually one hour long song, it was several similar songs with not much variation between them?  What happens is you get lost in the repetitive and almost monotonous rhythms until something stands out to you, something different and not so full of wub-wubz and fax machine sounds.  It’s a breath of fresh air because it’s in the same category, it has many of the same attributes, but it approaches the art form from a different viewpoint and ends up being far more memorable for how it does things than what it does.

Also, it wasn’t made by a guy that looks like a mop.


skrillex mop

“wub wub wub wub wuuuuuuuub” – Skrillex